Planning During Retirment

Similar to your younger years, you will likely have a lot of planning surrounding cash flow issues and how to make the most of your income.       You may think that once you reach retirement, you no longer have to worry about financial planning. After all, you’ve made it this far, right? However, […]


Financial Planning in Your 50s/60s

You can think of your financial plan during this time as a pre-retirement checklist, ensuring you’ve covered all of your bases so that you can enjoy the relaxation you deserve during retirement.     During this phase of your life, retirement stops being far-off, abstract concept and becomes real. You should engage in retirement planning […]


Financial Planning In Your 40s

Without financial planning, it can be hard to focus on saving for multiple goals and prioritizing the importance of those goals at different times in your life. Your 40s are a crucial decade for building up retirement savings, and a financial plan can help you make sure you are on track. While many will start […]

Financial Planning In Your 30s

If your 20s are to build a foundation for your own financial literacy, your 30s teach you how to cope when that foundation shifts and you find yourself dealing with new and larger challenges.   A financial plan at this age can help you deal with some of life’s biggest transitions – such as starting […]

Financial Planning In Your 20s

Financial planning affects more than your bank account, and a successful plan should follow you through all the stages of your life. In a financial climate where more than half Americans don’t have a budget and just over 40 percent of baby boomers don’t have a will, it seems that many could benefit from planning. […]

OU 401a/403b Plan Workshop

When: Tuesday November 17th & Wednesday November 18th Where: OU Memorial Union — Louise Huchin room Time: 9am-5pm Come and Go During these uncertain and volatile times in the financial markets, many of our OU clients’ colleagues are quietly expressing the desire for more BASIC investment education concerning retirement planning from an UNBIASED, CREDIBLE SOURCE. […]

A Buwick Minute: Saving is Not Sexy

Saving is not sexy. It is not fun and exciting. It is dull and uninspiring. Let’s face it. The most fun thing to do with money is spend it. And not on the electric bill or car insurance, but spending it on stuff like good food, clothes, cars, sports equipment, entertainment, etc. A recent study […]

Teaching Children About Money

By the time your children are out of their teenage years, they’re not considered children by society anymore, although you may still think of them that way. When your children enter adulthood, they will probably begin transitioning to having more control over the family wealth. When entering the workforce, they will have more access to […]

Market Update

Throughout the year I have commented on how extreme the volatility is in the market this year.  Even though this volatility creates a lot of “noise” from the market, it is interesting to note what the market has actually done to date in 2015.  Through June 15th, the S&P Index was up only +1.24{1717bbf1deb37003cdcf2d0a86d10d1b2a197c80a80dee9df5d77a9363127e23}, while […]