April Newsletter

Every month ICS sends out a Newsletter with important updates, upcoming events, and interesting financial news.  This month Terry’s focus is on what the Mutual Fund Companies are NOT telling you. Unlike other investment theories, our models seek to make decisions based on what is working now, not what might be working, or what has worked […]

Travel Directory Advice

Now that summer has arrived, everyone is traveling! Whether it is for business or leisure, traveling seems to increase  during the summer months. Although traveling to a new area can be overwhelming, it can be made easy with a travel directory! Discover top travel websites, blogs, references, news, and chats with! Find your next […]


Planning During Retirment

Similar to your younger years, you will likely have a lot of planning surrounding cash flow issues and how to make the most of your income.       You may think that once you reach retirement, you no longer have to worry about financial planning. After all, you’ve made it this far, right? However, […]

Financial Planning In Your 30s

If your 20s are to build a foundation for your own financial literacy, your 30s teach you how to cope when that foundation shifts and you find yourself dealing with new and larger challenges.   A financial plan at this age can help you deal with some of life’s biggest transitions – such as starting […]

Financial Planning In Your 20s

Financial planning affects more than your bank account, and a successful plan should follow you through all the stages of your life. In a financial climate where more than half Americans don’t have a budget and just over 40 percent of baby boomers don’t have a will, it seems that many could benefit from planning. […]