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When partnering with ICS you work with an independent investment manager whose goals are to 1) preserve your capital, 2) grow your assets, and 3) enhance your confidence in your financial future. You will be relieved of the worry and time demands of managing your investments. We want you to concentrate on other important things such as your career, leisure time, family, and a good night’s sleep.

Since OU moved to Fidelity, to provide investments for their 401a, 403b, and 457 plans, there has been quite a bit of confusion concerning which Fidelity programs could help achieve your retirement goals. Concerning which mutual funds to choose from, as well as, when should you buy them, how long do you hold them, and when to sell them.  Most professors and administrators are so busy with their chosen field of expertise, that they do not have the time or inclination to manage one of the most important assets they own.  As a result, most academia lost money during the market decline in 2008 and they worry about how the volatility in the market will affect their possible retirement.

ICS provides continuous management of your 401a and 403b investments and earns a management fee each quarter.  Fidelity deducts the fee from your plan assets as long as satisfaction occurs with the results.  Yet, if you desire to cancel our service at any time, you are never penalized and any unearned fee will be returned to you.  In other words, this is truly a “pay as you go” program that has a proven track record since 2000.

Ask yourself these questions concerning your OU retirement plans

Do I have the training to properly manage the investments in my 401a and 403b plans?Do I want to take on the responsibility of creating a successful income at retirement?Should I hire a professional investment advisor whose compensation is directly related to the performance of my 401a & 403b plans?Do I have constant access to my account at Fidelity and the results generated by an advisor?What do I truly have to risk by hiring a proven independent advisor to manage my OU retirement plans?

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